Loss? Emotional Pain? – What Can Be Done?

You can’t seem to let go of the emotional pain in your life because it’s locked up in a part of the mind called the Reactive Mind.

If the analytical or conscious mind is like a perfect computer, then the reactive mind is like a computer virus that has infected it.

So what is in your reactive mind?

Maybe the agonizing end of a once wonderful relationship? A serious setback in your career? A major illness? A car accident? Or perhaps childhood trauma that affects you even today. And while everyone has a reactive mind, the contents of yours are personal to you.

Take a moment to watch this video:

Once these painful incidents are recorded in your reactive mind, they have the power to control your emotions, your thoughts and your actions—against your own will and your better judgment.

The reactive mind is the single source of all of the pain and suffering in your life.

It is the single source of all irrationality.

It was L. Ron Hubbard’s discovery that all the painful experiences of your life are contained in the reactive mind.

Find out for yourself what you can do for yourself using Dianetics.

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