Anger and Unwanted Emotions…

Is anger or other unwanted emotions affecting your life?

There are causes of anger and other unwanted emotions that  you can understand and deal with successfully.

It is a discovery of Dianetics that all your painful experiences of the past are stored in a previously unknown part of the mind—it’s called the Reactive Mind.

Discover the cause of out-of-control anger and other unwanted emotions.

Your reactive mind is the source of your unwanted anger, worry, and anxiety which stop you from having the happiness and success you want and can have.

You need to get rid of it.

Dianetics will help to to actually understand where these unwanted emotions come from. And once you know the root cause of a problem you can handle it using your own inborn abilities.

Find out for yourself what you can do for yourself using Dianetics.

Your first step is to take a free, in-depth personality assessment that will help to you to discover what you strong points are and which points need improvement.

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